CHILDREN at St Leonards School in Blunsdon have been making a whole lot of lolly for a local charity.

Members of the school council sold ice lollies at the school in a bid to raise money for local causes.

The children ended up raising £400 over the term and have donated £250 worth of food to the Swindon Foodbank after the rest of the money went to a previous project for the Great Western Hospital.

Lee Thompson, of Swindon Foodbank, collected the treats last week and the children were overwhelmed by how much they had collected.

Suzanna Dodson, teaching assistant in charge of the school council, said: “The children had been selling ice lollies throughout the term. It is really good because the children wanted to give something back to the community.

“They really liked being involved in the community projects.

“It is vital for the children to be involved in something like this because they were getting something out of it.

“They were enjoying the ice lollies and through their enjoyment they were doing something positive for their community.”

The Trussell Trust, which runs the Swindon Foodbank, reported at the weekend record numbers of people receiving emergency supplies from its food banks in the past six months.

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