AN APPEAL set up to help a young man fighting for his life in an Indian hospital now needs to reach £100,000.

Sean Connolly, 26, who grew up in Liden before moving to London, set off for a two-week holiday earlier this month but was found collapsed in the street the next day.

He has spent more than a week critically ill in a coma with brain damage, a fever of the brain and respiratory problems.

He is now showing signs of improvement and is off the ventilator.

How the former Dorcan Technology College student sustained his injuries is a mystery as he cannot speak, although it is not thought he was attacked as he has no marks on his body.

His family and friends started an appeal for £30,000 in a bid to fly him home, and generated £45,000 in just a few days through a fundraising website and Facebook page, which already has 23,000 members.

But the sum has now increased to £100,000 due to complications.

Sean has fluid on his brain and special arrangements will need to be made for his flight.

Family friend Karen Curtin said: “The latest we have been told is because he has fluid on the brain it is going to take something quite special to get him home.

“We are talking more than £100,000 now.

“We are trying to find different ways to get him home.

“It is heart-wrenching.”

Sean had no travel insurance and it is costing up to £1,000 a day to keep him in intensive care in a country where high-quality treatment must be paid for.

To donate to Sean’s fund visit or search for Help Sean Connolly on Facebook.