THE Wyvern Theatre and Swindon Dance are practically neighbours in the town centre.

So it seemed appropriate that the two came together yesterday ahead of the dance school’s opening show of the season – Helen Parlor’s Close Distance: A Show About Next Door.

The engaging, acrobatic and thought-provoking show, which is performed at Swindon Dance on Friday, explores our relationships with neighbours and revolves around the lives of four people – brought together by where they live.

Theatre director Derek Aldridge said: “It seems most fitting that our neighbours at Swindon Dance will open their season with ‘a show about next door’ in the same year that two ex Swindon Dance students, Thomasin Gulgec and Carys Staton, perform on the Wyvern Theatre stage in Sadler’s Wells and Russell Maliphant’s production The Rodin Project.”

For The Rodin Project, which is performed at the Wyvern Theatre on March 5, Mr Maliphant has worked with a diverse mix of talented performers using influences from dance forms such as body popping, breakdancing and contemporary dance.

Swindon Dance’s artistic director Marie McCluskey said: “Thomasin, Carys and Helen are all shining examples of the talent that has been nurtured in Swindon.”

Helen Parlor, who also trained at Swindon Dance, said her training in the town gave her “a great start and insight into dance”.

She added: “Being based at the town hall led us to watch many performances and be involved in inspiring workshops, which I still reflect on to this day.”

Swindon Dance’s new season begins on Friday with Helen Parlor’s Close Distance: A Show About Next Door.

Tickets are available at or by calling 01793 601700.

Russell Maliphant will present his new dance piece The Rodin Project at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon, on March 5.

You can book tickets at or by calling 01793 524481.