A SWINDON-born musician is set to release her debut EP this month taken from a YouTube project.

Saxophonist Sarah Louise Ings will release The Live Lounge Project on March 17.

It was the former Kingsdown pupil’s vision to take instrumental music to the masses using the internet site as her stage.

Sarah got together a group of her fellow musicians and teamed up with her favourite sound engineer and video producers, who came together for free to help the talented performer realise her vision. Arranging and performing the famous Libretango by Piazzolla along with two of her original tunes, Sarah features rising star Kwabs on vocals, guitarist Rupert Fenn, who has performed with Olly Murs, and one of the worlds leading beatboxers Andy Frost.

Sarah said: “I decided to use Youtube as a platform and got my friends involved.

“It was really cool, everybody did it for free and we got it all done in one day.

“The music industry likes to pigeon hole what they perceive to be popular music, but it is my ambition to try and change that and get people interested in other genres of music.

“By using YouTube other people without knowing it by sharing the video help to promote your music and it can go viral.

“I am hoping to release my first single, Silver Lining, in the summer.”

To preview the EP, which will be available on iTunes, see her live lounge performance of Libretango on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=