A MOTOCROSS rider says his riding career is over after thieves stole his bikes.

About £7,000 worth of Richard Cowley’s kit has been taken from his locked garage in Pinehurst.

The father-of-one, who is a van driver, was due to be competing in the first round of the mini pit bike championships in Scunthorpe this weekend.

“I’m gutted. It felt like a bad dream when I lifted up the garage door and it was all gone,” he said.

“There is nothing, I haven’t got one piece of it left.

“I can’t afford to replace it all, it’s not insured, so that’s my riding career over now.

“They took everything. I think they must have known what was in there. “They’ve left me two tyres but that’s no good.”

The thieves took a £3,000 orange KTM 250 SX, which had skulls and graphics on.

They also made off with a £1,000 black Stomp pit bike 140cc, which had blue graphics.

The 38-year-old, of Liddington Street, who has been riding for years, had only had the KTM 250 SX , which was made in 2009, since October. The frame number was vbkmxn2399m251132.

The other bike was seven months old.

The pair were taken from a garage off Haydon View Road between March 22 and March 28.

“The bikes had disc locks on with alarms and were attached to some racking at the back,” Richard said.

“The thieves have dismantled the racking.

“I had a big chain holding the bikes together as well and they would have had to drag them because they couldn’t wheel them.

“There must have been more than one person because they are heavy bikes.

“The garage was locked and they must have used a chisel to take the hinge off. “I have asked around but I haven’t found anyone who saw anything yet.”

Two rear quad wheels, known as Douglas Split Rims, worth about £400 in total also were stolen, as well as a kit bag with three lots of kit.

The thieves took body armour, knee braces, two helmets, four sets of goggles, three sets of goggles and some riding tights. They also took three sleeping bags.

Wiltshire Police are investigating the incident and ask anyone with information to contact them on 101. Witnesses can also call Crimestoppers, where information can be left anonymously if preferred, on 0800 555 111.

To contact Richard email r_cowley2001@yahoo.co.uk.