A NEW group is being set up to enhance the social scene and provide support for the gay community.

Simon Clarke, 45, of Blunsdon, has set up the Gay Alliance with his friend CJ Crennell, 32, of Eldene.

The group, which has a committe of three, is looking for interest from this section of society in setting up something which caters for gay people in a supporting, friendly, social or political way as a networking organisation.

“As it stands there is not a lot for gay people on a night out,” said Simon, a town planner.

“There is only one bar and one club. It’s not really much of an introduction.”

The organisation hopes to get charitable status so it will have the funds to have an impact on the town.

Simon said: “It is important that everyone feels confident coming out, which can be a tough decision.

“We are hoping to be involved in the Swindon Pride and are hoping to get the word around town.

“We want to speak with other pubs and clubs so we can make Swindon a friendly and fun place.”