ARKELL’S Brewery will keep it in the family with its latest collection of real ales, which includes four favourites and a brand new brew.

The Family Tree collection of beers kicks off next week with Peter’s Porter. In December Noel Ale will make a welcome comeback. January will reprise Ball & Chain ale first brewed earlier this year and in February the popular JRA will reappear.

In March a brand new beer will launch. Mr George is still in the planning stages and more will be revealed soon.

Head brewer Alex Arkell, said: “We’re a 170-year-old family brewery and proud of it. However we wouldn’t be still here if we hadn’t changed with the times and this family of beers celebrates each generation from when beer was the regular pub drink of choice to now, when beers must taste fresh and individual to excite both regular and new customers.

“What’s different now from then is that while our traditional brewing techniques haven’t changed, what has changed is that we are able to brew our beers with much more consistency than ever before.”

Peter’s Porter is named after the Peter Arkell, brewery chairman for 39 years until 2010.