PERSISTENT rain and strong winds throughout the weekend have been causing sporadic flooding as Swindon missed the brunt of the storms battering the south west coast.

Heading into the weekend a flood warning remained in place from the Environment Agency for West Swindon, and rain during the day on Saturday caused some disruption to services.

Trains were forced to be diverted around Swindon due to floodwater on the tracks around the station, and services bound for London Paddington from Wales and the south west were re-routed through Bath Spa.

Services between Swindon and Westbury were cancelled due to the flooding on the line at Melksham, and more still were delayed by up to 30 minutes.

The heavy rain of the past few weeks has also provided the first real test for the Haydon Wick Flood Alleviation Scheme, a multi-million pound project which was completed in November.

Council leader David Renard (Con, Haydon Wick) said: “It’s held up well and as far as I am aware there have been no problems.

“The gaps in the rain have helped as it has given the water chance to drain into the River Ray.

“I think it’s a big relief to everyone to know it is now in place.”

But other areas have been badly affected.

Floodwater has covered roads throughout the town, with large areas of Wootton Bassett Road and Queens Drive submerged.

The underpass below Queens Drive heading to Coate Water has remained completely submerged since the middle of last week, and reached a peak after the heavy periods of rain o0n Saturday, A large section of Tadpole Lane was also flooded, which caused problems for motorists.

Other roads were temporarily closed by local authorities, with Mud Lane near Purton being shut off by Wiltshire Council after being deemed impassable.

Richard Pagett, of Purton, said more access ways should have been closed in the area.

“What is surprising is that Mud Lane has been officially temporarily closed with a Wiltshire Council sign yet several others remain open despite being impassable, including the right of way between Bentham Lane and West Marsh Farm,” he said.

Sections of Cavendish Square were also covered with water, causing difficulties for shoppers.

Coun Derique Montaut, (Con, Liden, Eldene and Park South), said: “The main car park in Cavendish Square was flooded, and people were having problems getting to the shops.

“There is not adequate drainage, and that has been causing problems whenever there is heavy rain.

“The problem of flooding needs to be addressed by the developers, as there are a number of problems with the layout already.”