FORMER Swindon doorman Martin Pulling is attempting to lose almost half his body weight before 2014 is out and raise money for a military charity along the way.

Martin, 44, of Jefferies Avenue, Stratton, worked doors in the town for 24 years until last Christmas, when he turned his full attention to his property and landscaping business.

He is attempting to lose 10 stone in this calendar year and take himself to 13 stone, down from his starting weight of 23 stone.

As he works his way through a new weight loss regime devised by Weight Watchers, Martin will seek donations for his efforts, which will then go on to Help for Heroes, which helps to provide better facilities for British servicemen and women wounded in the line of duty. He wants to raise £1,000.

Martin focussed on the current conflicts in the Middle East that British forces are involved in, in his reasoning for the challenge and chosen charity.

“I believe it’s a cause – I don’t believe they should be out there,” he said.

“I want to raise money for the medical supplies they need.

“If it can help in some way to help their families or medical supplies, or to get them back here, then it’s worth doing.

“I have had friends fighting, over in Iraq. It’s not really our fight, but I have to give them every respect.”

The weight loss regime has begun well for Martin, with nearly 16 pounds trimmed from his waistline in the opening two weeks.

The most immediate aim the 44-year-old has is to lose 10 per cent of his body weight before the end of February to stand a chance of being referred for surgery to remedy the carpal tunnel syndrome he suffers in his hands.

Martin has been turned down for surgery in the past because of his weight. He has been told a 10 per cent drop would greatly improve his chances of a successful referral.

“I want to do this for myself. If I lose 10 per cent of my bodyweight they will consider me. I have already dropped nine-and-a-half pounds in my first weigh-in.

“I’m not having cakes anymore. I used to eat a lot of chocolate and drink 40 or 50 cans of coke every week.

“By the end of February I’m hoping to have lost the 10 per cent.

“I have goals and for me to not achieve them, I know I would be letting all the people down who have donated towards a promise I have made.”

If anyone is interested in finding out more about the challenge or donating money towards it, they should contact Martin on 07827 321517.