CHARITY Empower is looking for two more volunteers to join a team of people to help develop projects in the Gambia in April.

The charity, which supports numerous charitable projects in the West African country including two nurseries and a medical facility, will be taking a team of six out to help complete and progress some of the projects.

Jo Heaven, who founded the charity, said: “We have two spaces left for volunteers. We have got the trip and we’re painting the maternity ward at Sara Kunda Medical Centre and making it look nicer there.

“We’re going to be employing locals aged around 18 to 25 to help with the work and it’s going to be a DIY SOS kind of thing.

“We’ll also be opening the Agape Nursery School.”

The 12-day expedition will begin in Kotu on April 7, and volunteers will have a chance to acclimatise to the heat.

The following day the group will collect their supplies for the trip, and the day after they will begin to travel around the country to the various projects.

Jo was keen to point out that the trip would be no holiday.

She said: “We have two spaces left although there are already some people who have expressed an interest.

“We want to take a team of six which doesn’t seem very big but we’ll be joined by two more people who will already be out there when we get there, and eight is a pretty good-sized team.

“But people need to decide by the end of February really so they can get their injections.

“We’re looking for people who are physically fit and skilled, so maybe they have painting or building skills, or DIY skills or skills in teaching and agriculture.”

During the trip, volunteers will deliver resources to Kalagi Nursery and the Sky Limits girls’ football team, provide teacher training for teachers at schools in the area, offer a first-aider refresher course, and build two playgrounds.

There will be time for relaxation and fun as well, with a scheduled excursion to Tanji Fish market, a camel ride at Gunjur and fishing and a barbecue at Paradise Beach.

They will also be staying in hotels and guest lodges along the way.

Volunteers only have until the end of this month to sign up, since they will have to make sure that they have a yellow fever vaccination before they go.

The trip will cost the volunteers £400, plus the cost of their air fare.

To find out more about how you can help and how you can volunteer, call Jo on 07771 804365.

To donate to Empower and support their work, visit