TRUSTEES of Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust believe Wiltshire residents are among the most generous in the country withtheir fundraising.

The AGM of the charity heard that there had been a 40 per cent increase in donations and fundraising for the year ending October 2013.

Income was £2.5m, compared to £1.7m the previous year, while expenditure had increased by £286,000 to just under £1.1m.

The charity ended the year with a surplus of £1.4m, compared to £937,000 the year before.

David Philpott, the charity’s chief executive, praised the public, his staff and volunteers for their efforts.

David, who has worked for other air ambulance charities, said: “We believe Wiltshire must be the most generous county, or very close to it, based on the amount of money the charity receives divided by the population of Wiltshire. and Swindon.

“To have a 40 per cent uplift in fundraising and donations is an incredible achievement.

We thank you all.

“The consciousness that the public has of us through stories in the media means that individuals and groups fundraise for us. It’s relatively small amounts but it is key to the sustainability of the air ambulance.”