The Arts Council has announced today it is giving £95,000 to the project to relocate the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery to a purpose built home in the town centre.

The grant is a boost to the project will allow Swindon Council to exhibit the town's first-class collection of British 20th Century Modern Art, and museum exhibits in a purpose-built facility.

The money comes from a £5,715,338 pot through round 3 of the Renaissance Strategic support fund.

The council are putting £5m towards the project but are also looking to source private funding.

The Arts Council, in giving a description of the project, said: "Swindon Council will lead the move of their Swindon Museum & Art Gallery from its outgrown and outdated home in Apsley House, to a new town centre venue. 

"A series of reviews, consultations, plans and activities will provide the tools, skills and information to create a resilient, sustainable and innovative new Museum and Gallery."

Councillor Garry Perkins, cabinet member for economy, regeneration and culture: "This is great news and it illustrates the potential of the collection we have in Swindon.

"The money will help us understand how to make the best of what we’ve got and attract the widest possible audience for it.

"A new Museum and Art Gallery will contribute massively to Swindon’s continued regeneration, so it’s crucial that we make the most of the commercial opportunities the collection brings, and learn from other towns and cities around the country.

"We have a huge opportunity, and this announcement means we’re off to a very promising start in realising our plans."