FOOD lovers in Old Town can now enjoy a whole new dining experience with the opening of Asiana.

The owners are looking to bring a unique restaurant to Swindon which will offer both Indian and Italian cuisine.

Run by brothers Faz and Shah Zaman, who also own the Tamarind in Highworth, Asiana will offer customers the chance to enjoy a meal cooked by a top chef or simply a enjoy a cocktail in the bar downstairs.

It has taken almost a year and a half to get the restaurant in Hoopers Place open, but the brothers feel it has been worth it to get exactly what they wanted.

Faz, 31, said: “We do not just want this to be another restaurant. We wanted to bring something different, something that Swindon does not yet have.

“It has the look of something you would expect to see in London or another city but with prices you expect to see in Swindon.

“We are not just a normal restaurant. If people want to come in for a drink or a cocktail then that is fine. If they want to come in to eat, then that is fine also.

“A lot of people have tried to mix Indian with Thai or Chinese but Italian is one of the most popular types of meal.

“We are all excited about this and feel Old Town is perfect for what we are trying to do.”

The brothers have worked in Indian restaurants all their lives and owned the Tamarind for the last five years. While the food on offer will be traditional, Faz and Shah will be bringing a modern twist to it.

They have hired two experienced chefs, who will both work in separate kitchen space. The Indian chef has over 20 years experience while the chef cooking the Italian half has won several awards and even cooked for the Pope.

“I think we have taken advantage of our youth to help create a menu that will not lose the authenticity of the menu but will give it a modern twist,” said Faz.

“My brother and I are the two people involved in Highworth. We started the restaurant from scratch and have built up a lot of experience and know what is needed to make a quality restaurant.

“We have put in a lot of time and effort into getting the restaurant ready. There are still one or two bits we are looking to do but we are delighted to be open.”

To book your table call 01793 976500.