CHANGES in name and personnel are behind ambitious plans at Cheriton Nursing Home, and not the result of a poor inspection last year, according to home manager Natalie Bonner.

The new name for the Westlecot Road care home is Springfield Court Care Centre – the result of a consultation with residents and staff.

Ms Bonner has also stepped up to home manager, and will operate out of the Old Town location on a full-time basis, in the place of Teresa Fisher who drops down into the role of deputy manager.

A report from the Care Quality Commission, published in December, found performance had nosedived at the care home, which passed with five stars during a November 2012 inspection.

In the report, based upon an October 16 inspection, inspectors found improvements were required across four of the five categories assessed by the CQC.

At a follow-up visit on February 18, the CQC found the service transformed and meeting all five criteria.

“We have been working very well. We were very pleased to turn the home around,” said Ms Bonner.

“Teresa has dropped down to deputy manager because she has been dealing with a few personal issues with her family.

“It is only right to give her the time and support she needs. We discussed the decision together and agreed to continue working hand-in-hand in different roles.

“Teresa was at the centre of us turning the home around. We want the strongest team possible and she is a part of that.”

The new home manager has said the changes are all a part of a new start for the establishment, carrying on with the same staff and residents.

“I have decided to become the home manager,” said Ms Bonner. “The home’s come a long way in recent times and we are in a good position for a great six to 12 months ahead.

“I intend to turn this place into a centre of excellence. We are in the process of changing the activities available to our clients and opening up a day centre.

“The centre will be open 12 hours a day for seven days a week, and will allow people to use it as a drop-in service and for six or 12-hour sessions.”