ABOUT 20 residents turned out in the sunshine on Saturday morning to help transform a muddy construction site into an orchard.

It took only an hour to plant all 12 plum trees in a corner of Cavendish Green, in Park South, to help transform the site near Cavendish Square into a blossoming community asset.

Tracy Scott, a member of the Localities team which has been working with Swindon Council’s Ranger Team, Oak Tree Primary School and a group of residents to develop the site, was pleased so many people had come along.

She said: “I wasn’t expecting so many people, it was just brilliant.

“They all turned up in their wellies and with their children as well.

“I was a bit worried about the weather and the ground was sodden but we were really lucky and did it while the sun was out.”

The plant was part of a wider project to develop a much needed local facility in the area.

Tracy said: “We want to get as many residents as we can to come along and help with the tree plant.

“It used to just be a piece of land and we asked people to find out what they wanted to do with it, and everything that will be here is a result of that.”

For more information about the site telephone 01793 466239 or email swindonsouth@swindon.gov.uk.