MUM Tasha Williams is appalled that Swindon Council has not properly filled in a hole which her son got his leg stuck in last Wednesday.

Three-year-old Kayden-Leigh Read, who attends Eldene Pre-School, was running on the grass verge, in Shaftesbury Avenue, on the way home from the nursery, at 4pm, when his right leg fell into the hole of a removed road sign.

Tasha, 23, who lives in Radstock Avenue, said: “We were walking home from nursery, my son was playing with a friend and the next thing we knew his leg disappeared. “At first, given how loud he was screaming we thought he’d broken his leg or split it open. The hole was really rusty but thankfully we managed to get him out of it and the injury didn’t look as bad as we were expecting. “Kayden-Leigh didn’t want to walk on it so I carried him home to check him over.

“Luckily, it was just badly bruised rather than being broken. I got on to the council straight away as I didn’t want anyone else’s children falling into it and suffering an injury.”

Tasha rang the council’s highways team to report the incident at 4.20pm and was told that the hole would be filled within the hour but it wasn’t done until Friday, and she doesn’t think the job is up to scratch.

She said: “I was fuming that the hole was left there so long in the first place and it should have been filled in sooner. I thought it was going to be concreted over but instead they’ve just topped it up with mud which isn’t great.

“The mud still has rusty metal sticking out of it and is a danger to people and animals. .

“I think the council have just done a quick job to get it out of the way and I hope they do an improved one soon.”

Council spokesman Richard Freeman said: “There was a lockable box on a pole, which we believe was owned by the Post Office, in this location until recently. It seems to have been removed, although we weren’t aware of this. “We received a call to say that a child had fallen into a hole and bruised his leg, so we went out and made a temporary repair to make it safe and will return to do a more permanent fix.”