LIKE much of Swindon, Haydon Wick is a ward which is likely to be affected by the new developments in North Swindon.

Although not directly in the ward, the residents are sure to feel the impact of the housing projects at Ridgeway Farm and Tadpole Farm.

The main impact will most likely be the increase in traffic that an extra 2,000 homes will bring to the roads.

Haydon Wick Parish Council have been campaigning for a link road from Thamesdown Road to Barnefield Road to ease the congestion in the ward’s narrow roads.

Chairman Richard Hailstone said: “I think it is something which is affecting a lot of the wards but the amount of development is a big issue.

“They are on the fringes but Ridgeway and Tadpole Farm are going to contribute a lot to roads which are already struggling to cope.

“It is something we have been campaigning about for some time now. It would act as a way of relieving the pressure on the roads. We would want any new councillor who came in to commit to trying to get this new road built.”

The second major concern to people is the future of the Haydon Centre. A proposal is being considered which could see the facility leased, along with many of the town’s other facilities, to a private provider.

The topic is something which residents of Haydon Wick regularly contact the parish council about.

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Michael Wheelan, Richard Hailstone, John Fuller, John Stooke and Edward Bedwell campaigning for a  road connecting Thamesdown Drive and Barnfield Road

“I know there are a lot of people who are worried about the future of the Haydon Centre,” said Richard.

“It is very popular in North Swindon and I think it is one of the most used leisure facilities in the town. As it stands it is a pay-as-you-go service and I think a lot of people will want assurances from the councillor that they will do what they can to keep it this way.

“Overall though, Haydon Wick is a very nice area with a lot going for it and we look forward to working with whoever wins.”

Haydon Wick is one of the town’s wards which is guaranteed to have a new councillor by next Friday morning as the incumbent, Claire Ellis, is standing in the Old Town Ward.

At the last election, all three seats were won by the Conservatives but their opponents were only a few hundred behind.

Maura Julia CLARKE (Labour)
Ed GERRARD (UK Independence Party)
Garry John PERKINS (Conservative)
Garry PORTER (Liberal Democrat)
Turnout in 2012 election: 33 per cent (9208)

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