WILTSHIRE Roller Derby travelled to High Wycombe on Saturday to take part in a mini tournament hosted by their local team, the Big Bucks High Rollers.

The event involved four sides, namely Wiltshire Roller Derby, Big Bucks High Rollers B - the Rough Diamonds, Milton Keynes Concrete Cows B - The Udder Team, and Surrey Roller Girls.

A normal roller derby game is 60 minutes long with a break at half-time, however, to allow all teams to compete, they were shortened down to 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 40 minutes with no breaks.

Milton Keynes and Surrey went head to head for their first 20-minute game. Both teams demonstrated tough defence but Milton Keynes had the edge, winning 47-20, meaning they would then play the next winning team in a 40-minute match.

Wiltshire played Big Bucks for their 20-minute game. With both teams switching lead multiple times and only a few points between them it was very close, but Wiltshire managed to secure a 75-60 win.

The defeated teams, Surrey and Big Bucks, went on to play a 30-minute game, with the latter emerging victorious 79-58 Having beaten the Milton Keynes A team the last time the sides met on track, Wiltshire had the added pressure of maintaining their upper hand.

The scores were again very close throughout, sometimes with only a single point’s difference but Wiltshire pushed hard to claim a 108-76 victory.

Wiltshire Roller Derby play their next home game is on August 10 at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon. They will take on Surrey Roller Girls after Basingstoke Bullets play Dorset Roller Girls, as part of Europe’s largest roller derby tournament.

For more information visit www.wiltshirerollerderby.co.uk or find the club on Facebook and Twitter for updates and announcements nearer the time.