MURDER detectives are continuing to scour woodland in Ramsbury where they found pieces of women's clothing buried.

Attention turned to the remote pond and woodland after police sent search teams, divers and dogs to look for new evidence following the discovery of Sian O'Callaghan's boots.

The popular 22-year-old was killed in March 2011 after being abducted in Old Town by mini-cab driver Chris Halliwell, 50, and police believe she was taken to Ramsbury on the night she was killed.

After almost two weeks of searching, officers uncovered both of the boots Sian was wearing that night, along with a shotgun and 60 scraps of clothing believed to belong to women.

The pond has been drained and the silt sifted through but searches of the woods are set to continue until at least tomorrow, although nothing further has yet been found.

A Wiltshire Police spokeman said: "Searches in the area in and around the pond continue this week. The searches of the silt at the bottom of the pond have now been completed.

"Officers continue to search the wooded areas and are likely to continue through to Thursday this week.

"All of the items found, including Sian’s boots, shotgun, chunky knit cardigan and pile of 60 items of material or clothes, have been sent for forensic analysis. This is likely to take several weeks.

"Detectives are maintaining an open mind as to why the items have been found at the pond and await the results of the forensic investigation.

"No further updates at this time.

"The searches are likely to conclude later this week."