ENGLAND are not going to do well at the World Cup and fans in Swindon are likely to turn to God in hope, according to a report from bookmakers William Hill.

The betting shop has surveyed more than 100 people from the town and found just five per cent wearing the Three Lions would back our squad to win just one match.

Unsurprisingly, just one in 100 Swindon people would then have a bet on Roy Hodgson’s men to go and win the tournament.

More than one in five of those of us glued to the screen with anxiety would even get on their knees and pray for some success, such is the desperation.

Ollie Hughes, 24, of Avenue Road, said: “It’s a positive thing, in so far as he’s taking a gamble with the younger players.

“It’s very much what Germany have done over the last few years. They have built it up and now you never know where they could finish.

“I’m quite positive, to be honest. With the expectations lowered it could go well in comparison with previous years.”

Leyton McGowan, 31, an events manager of Wood Street, said: “When I put the Ecuador game on the other night my first feeling was dread. They did look stronger by the end of the match, without a doubt.

“Other teams are far more humble than ours and that makes a difference. We seem to portray our team as superstars, but the other teams don’t shout about it as much.”

Chris Mitchell, 26, an Intel analyst from Old Town, said: “I think we will make it through the group stage and maybe end up in the quarter final. I found it nerve-wracking just watching the Ecuador friendly. You just can’t tell how they’re going to do, or which team is going to turn up.”

Tempers won’t just run high on the pitch during the tournament, but also amongst Swindon’s families. Ten per cent of fans in the borough believe they will have an argument with a partner or family member because of the competition.

Superstition is a key aspect of watching England for 14 per cent of those surveyed, with a specific seat or clothing item the trend for many.

Adrian Chiles, ITV’s anchor on the coverage, is also expected to cause a stir in living rooms and pubs. One in four fans find him the most irritating presenter or pundit on the box.

Ollie said: “I can’t stand Adrian Chiles. I’m not a big fan of Robbie Savage either.”

Stephen Doo, 24, an Intel analyst of Old Town, said: “I wasn’t loving Glenn Hoddle during the Ecuador game, to be honest.

“It feels like he’s stuck in the 90s. Rio Ferdinand also isn’t a favourite, he’s a bit wooden.”