HILLSBOROUGH Day Nursery has turned around its fortunes in just three months after Ofsted judged them unsafe in February.

Following a subsequent inspection the watchdog changed the grading of the Bishopstone nursery from inadequate to good in every category.

The nursery had taken umbrage over the previous report and legal proceedings are still ongoing between the two parties.

Alison Large, inspector for Ofsted, said after the recent visit: “Each child receives an enjoyable and challenging experience across all areas of learning. Systems for assessment and planning have been reviewed and improved to ensure activities and learning experiences fully support children’s interests.

“However, mathematical development is not as strong as other areas of learning. Staff promote children’s language skills well, overall, to extend their thinking, creativity and communication skills.

“Since the last inspection when notices to improve were issued to the nursery, a new manager and deputy have been employed. There is now an effective management structure in place and communication with all levels of staff is very good.

“Children are safeguarded well because management and staff prioritise their safety. Clear procedures are now in place for recruitment and vetting of staff, which ensures all adults working with children are cleared as suitable to do so.

“All staff take responsibility and use vigilance and risk assessments to promote children’s health and safety inside the nursery, as well as outside.”

Nursery owner John Lowry welcomed the report, having thought the previous ruling unfair.

“Legal proceedings are now with the parliamentary ombudsman, because Ofsted do not back down,” he said.

“The nursery in the last inspection was not as bad as they made out. I am not saying there haven’t been improvements, because when you get a bad result you would be idiotic not to do what you can to make everything perfect, which is what we have tried to do.

“Apart from anything else, the council did not fund us previously, but after we were rated inadequate they have now reinstated our funding.

“From our point of view the first report was bitterly unfair, and was in danger of ruining our business. We have always considered it to be a fact that we run a very good nursery, and they have now come along and confirmed that fact. You can analyse as to why the report has improved, whether it was a bad report originally or we have made improvements, but Ofsted have now rated us good in all categories.”