WANBOROUGH’S Louise Hunt was able to maintain her composure during a rain break to seal her first title of the year in Spain.

The wheelchair tennis player was victorious at the Open Memorial Santi Silvas at the Club Natacio Olot, beating home player Lola Ochoa in the final.

Having beaten 13-year-old Luz Esperanza Merry in the semi, Hunt took the first set of the final on a tiebreak, before rain forced the pair off the court with the Wanborough player narrowly trailing.

However, when the wet weather cleared, top seed Hunt kicked on and came out the 7-6, 6-2 victor.

“’I’m really excited to win this tournament, it’s my first time here and it’s a really great tournament. It’s the first tournament I’ve won this year in singles, so I’m very happy,” said Hunt.

“Obviously when you get a rain delay it’s really frustrating but you just have to take it in your stride as no one can do anything about it.

“It was frustrating for me because I didn’t feel like I played my best tennis in the first set and then I was 2-0 down in the second. I brought it back to 3-2 so I felt like I was really picking up my game and the rain came in.

“But I stuck to my routines in the nearly three hour rain delay and came back and played by best tennis at the end, so that all that matters, really.

“I’ve played a lot of tournaments throughout my career, but I can honestly say this is one of my favourites. I’ve never felt so welcomed to a tournament. The set up is fantastic, from the way they cater for the players in the players’ lounge.

“The umpires and ball boys are fantastic, so I’m really liking it here and I’ll definitely come back,” added the world No. 19.