SINCE the introduction of camera enforcement at bus lanes and gates at the end of June, more than 5,500 warnings and fines have been given to drivers.

On June 30 the council introduced five mobile cameras to be moved at random to the different gates and lanes.

For the first three weeks only warnings were issued but more than 4,500 were given out, predominantly at bus gates.

From July 21, Penalty Charge Notices of £60 were given to drivers, with 1,057 handed out already.

In one case, a driver was given 20 warnings for using the same bus gate but this stopped after the first fine was handed out.

The aim of the plan is to improve the efficiency of the public transport system with council leaders saying the number of drivers breaking the rules justifies the introduction of the cameras.

Councillor Dale Heenan (Con, Covingham and Dorcan), Cabinet member for Highwaysand Transport, said: "We did not want to have to install cameras, but the number of people caught using bus lanes and bus gates shows the scale of the problem. These features are important parts of the transport network in Swindon, because they reduce congestion and encourage the use of timely public transport.”