RESIDENTS were given a chance to look at plans to construct a major new sewer pipe to accommodate the Wichelstowe development.

In the coming years 4,500 homes are due to be built and so Thames Water is looking to get the infrastructure in place before the majority of the building takes place.

Residents were able to speak to the project team yesterday at Even Community Centre.

The works will see new pipes laid around the perimeter of the Mannington Recreation Ground, under Great Western Way and then connected to the Barnfield Treatment site. Work is set to start next month but Thames Water said the disruption to residents will be minimal.

Hew Thomas, of Thames Water, said: “We have designed the layout so as few pitches on the rec as possible will be disrupted. People will always have access but there will be works around the edge. The new play area will not be touched by anything we do.

“One pitch will have a pipe running underneath it but it has been planned in such a way so that manhole covers are not on it. The pitch will be returned to its original state.

“The pipe will go under road but there will be no need to close the road, so drivers should not be affected.”