A TROPHY was the catch of the day for a fishmonger who competed in a national competition.

Simon Belcher, of Toothill , won the Golden Jubilee Cup when he took part in the National Federation of Fishmongers championships in Cardiff.

The 39-year-old, who works at Sainsbury’s in Bridgemead, performed a demonstration for the public, sliced specific weights without using scales and prepared and dressed fish at the competition, and was chosen by the judges for the award out of about 60 other fishmongers.

“This award was second to last to be announced on the day. When I heard my name I just thought ‘wow’,” he said.

“They have put my name on it. You have to hand this one back at the end of the year so there will be a little bit of Simon Belcher from Sainsbury’s on this trophy forever. There are only seven names on it so far.

“It says the trophy is for those that caught the judges eye for professionalism, enthusiasm and for how I conducted myself during the whole day.

“I got a ‘well done’ from quite a few of the other teams. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pleased.”

Simon was one of seven Sainsbury’s staff from across the country who were chosen to represent the supermarket.

He was put forward for the competition by the Bridgemead store and had to compete against other supermarkets and independent fishmongers.

He was chosen for the trophy by the board of judges, including some who were undercover.

“I was talking to everybody and joining in. I took part in demonstrations and showed the public what they could do at home to prepare their own fish,” Simon said.

“I didn’t know at the time but they had people who were part of the judging board out spotting.”

Simon took part in three sections of the competition, one saw him cutting fish into specific weights without using scales.

“I got into the last five or six out of about 30 competitors for that part so I was really pleased,” he said.

“They asked for 120g and my averages got me to 130g.”

Simon also took part in the Trelawney Collage competition, which saw him design a tank complete with a turret and ammunition, out of fish, seaweed and a box.

Another section – the Morrisons fish challenge cup – saw him preparing and dressing a fish in 15 minutes.

Simon is hoping to travel to Sainsbury’s head office in London with his team mates, who were successful in other rounds, to show off their trophies and awards.

Simon started as a fishmonger 17 years ago, when his manager asked for a volunteer with a poor sense of smell.