A BUDDING film-maker is starting work on a comedy series for the internet.

Darren Potter, 17, who put together his own production team last year called Infinite 8 Productions, has started filming The Deadline with writer, director and producer Graeme Willetts.

The series, which is being filmed around Swindon, will be posted on YouTube in October.

Darren, who is director of photography for the series, said: “I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing comedy series.

“From the first time I read the script, I couldn’t stop laughing. I have even offered to edit the film too.”

The six-part series is about two film makers who are on a deadline to make a web series, but they need an idea for it.

One of them wants to make an arty film, the other wants to make an action film.

Neither idea works, so they build a time machine, go back in time and film a web series about them thinking of an idea for a web series.

Each episode is around five minutes long and will be released over six weeks.

The Deadline’s website is due to launch next month and will feature the comedy series as well as blogs written by the film’s stars.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/thedeadlineseries or follow them on twitter @DeadlineSeries.