TWO former employees of an Aldi store say they are owed hundreds of pounds in wages by the supermarket giant.

Louise Close and Amelia Street say they have yet to receive about £300 each in overtime payments and have not been given their P45s. They also accuse the branch in Stratton of losing paperwork and say they have spent weeks trying to find someone to speak to.

But they have been told by the store that they owe the supermarket money based on its calculations of their hours.

Louise, 35, worked at the branch between June and August and says all of her pay packets were missing money.

She was on a 20-hour part-time contract as a store assistant but worked at least 30 hours a week.

The mum-of-two said: “My first pay packet was £458.85, but it should have been for £700 or £800. The next two months were also under. When I tried to raise this with the manager I was given a number for the area manager who has been very difficult to get hold of. At first I was £600 short and I was eventually sent a cheque for £300 but I was taxed £144, even though I am under the threshold.

“I feel very disappointed because I have had to scrap my car, I’m behind on bills and I have children to look after.

“I worked hard during my probation period and I had a high opinion of Aldi, but they couldn’t even pay me the money I was entitled to.”

Louise, from Ferndale, says she left her job out of frustration at problems with her wages.

Amelia, who worked as a stock assistant between May and July, claims her first pay day was delayed after the store lost her birth certificate. She says she received her first wages two months after starting and was not reimbursed for about half the hours she worked.

Amelia, 22, from Stratton, claims a print-out of her hours does not include an entire week when she says colleagues can verify she was in the store.

She was also employed on a 20-hour contract before being told she was being let go during her probationary period for working too slowly.

Amelia says when she visited the store last Friday she was told her personal rota had been thrown away. But the pair say they have recorded details of their shifts in diaries and have completed written statements of events.

They have been informed by Aldi that they owe around £100 each in overpayments by the store.

An Aldi spokesman said: “We are investigating this matter and will take appropriate action based on the results of our findings.”