LIKE I said last week, it’s disappointing that things have been taken out of our hands but all we can do is concentrate on doing everything we can in the last game of the season.

We’ve got to go to Shropshire looking to get the maximum bonus points for bowling and batting and also pick up the win that we need to give ourselves a shot at the championship title.

Mike Coles was a little bit concerned about the back-up bowling options that we had for our strike bowlers so Steve Warner has come in from South Wilts.

There were a lot of no-balls from the guys and Mike just thought that we needed someone else in there to back-up Jake (Roberts) and Tahir (Afridi).

Steve has been bowling very well for South Wilts this season, so he’s the one that’s come into the squad and unfortunately, it means that one of the all-rounders would have to step down.

That’s had to be Henry Langford but he’s still going to be coming up with us as the 12th man.

There are a lot of sides that can come out on top of the last day and we’re going to have to keep our eye on a number of games that are going on away from us.

Shropshire, who we’re playing, have given themselves a chance because they’re only 16 points off the top and we’re definitely going to have an idea of what’s going in on Cheshire’s match.

They’ll only be a few miles away from Whitchurch, where we’ll be, so we’ll know what the weather is doing over there - that’s something we’re going to have to be wary of ourselves.

Hopefully we can get what we need.